Our frequently asked questions

How can I contact the Membership team? 

Our friendly Membership team are available at our head office Tuesday to Friday from 9:00am to 4:30pm, and on Saturday racedays at the racecourse. You can contact the Membership team via email on membership@perthracing.com.au or via phone on 9277 0705 or 0408 328 625. Our head office is Lee-Steere House, located directly opposite Ascot Racecourse at 70 Grandstand Road, Ascot.

What happens once I sign up to the Club? 

If you have just joined the Club, you will receive a phone call from our friendly Membership team who will welcome you and answer any queries. Your new Member pack will be sent in the post and will arrive in 5-7 business days. This will contain your Member Card, Guest Card (if applicable), car pass and handbook/s. If you are planning to come to the races within 5-7 business days of joining, please let us know and we can arrange for your pack to be collected at our head office or from the racecourse on raceday.

What entitlements are included in the Member car pass and where is Member parking, including ACROD bays?

Your Member car pass provides complimentary parking in our Member car parks on all racedays at Ascot and Belmont Park Racecourse throughout the season (1 August-31 July). Please ensure your car pass sticker is clearly displayed on your windscreen at all times. Gold Members do receive an allocated bay at Ascot Racecourse, while all other Members are welcome to purchase a gold car bay for $440 per season. If you would like to purchase a gold car bay, please contact the Membership team.

At Ascot Racecourse, we have Member parking via Gate 3 on Grandstand Road, as well as Gate 5 on Matheson Road. ACROD parking is available via Gate 3, which is the closest gate to the Grandstand.

At Belmont Park Racecourse, Member parking flows on from Saintly Entrance where our friendly staff will direct you. ACROD parking is available in the first row of bays in the Member car park, next to the bus shelter.

What should I do if I leave my Member Card at home on raceday?

At Ascot Racecourse, if you forget your Member Card on a major Carnival day, you will be required to pay a general admission entrance fee and proceed to the raceday administration office. On presentation of suitable identification, you will be provided the opportunity to purchase a Member privilege day pass (less the general admission entrance fee). Following a verification check after the event, this payment will be refunded to you.

If you forget your Member Card on a standard Saturday, you will be required to pay a non-refundable general admission entrance fee and proceed to the raceday administration office. On presentation of suitable identification, you will be provided with a complimentary Member privilege day pass.

At Belmont Park Racecourse, as there is no general admission entrance fee, please proceed to the customer service desk for assistance.

Can I lend my Member Card to others?

As your personalised Member Card is strictly non-transferrable, lending it to any individual is a breach of the Perth Racing Membership terms and conditions. Random ID checks are made throughout the day in Member Areas. Member Cards discovered in use by any person other than the Member will be confiscated for the day and a breach may lead to a review of your Membership by the Perth Racing Board. Lending Member Cards to others to purchase Member privilege day passes is also prohibited.

If your Membership comes with a Guest Card, you are welcome to provide this to any individual to experience the Member Area, as this card is transferable.

If you wish for additional guests to join you in the Member Area, you are welcome to use one of the eight complimentary Member privilege day passes in your handbook on valid days, or you can purchase extra Member privilege day passes online or at the racecourse.

What happens if I lose my Member Card?

If you have lost your Member Card or Guest Card, please report the missing item/s to the Membership team as soon as possible. A replacement fee of $60 applies to each lost Member Card and Guest Card. The fee will be waived if a copy of a stolen property police report is provided.

What happens if my Member Card or Guest Card begins to show wear and tear?

Members who have been with the Club for a few years may find their Member Card or Guest Card becomes worn with use. You are welcome to contact our Membership team, visit the raceday administration office at Ascot Racecourse or the customer service desk at Belmont Park Racecourse to organise a complimentary reprint.

How should I dress for the Member Area?

We do uphold our Member dress code in our Member Areas at Ascot and Belmont Park Racecourse. View our dress code here.

What if my guests are not dressed appropriately for the Member Area?

Unfortunately, guests who do not follow our Member dress code will not be allowed to enter out Member Areas. We do offer a dressing room with a range of items available for ladies and gentlemen where we can try our best to assist guests who are not dressed appropriately.

Can I invite others to join me in the Member Area?

You are welcome to invite your friends and family to join you as a Member for a day by providing them with a Member privilege day pass. Find out more here.

Do I receive Member benefits (reciprocal privileges) at other race clubs?

We are pleased to provide Perth Racing Members with reciprocal privileges at a range of regional, interstate and international race clubs. Find out more here.

Can I reserve a table in the Member Area?

Ascot Racecourse:

Members are welcome to book a table in the Flying Colours Restaurant located within the Member Area on level 2 of the Grandstand.

Seats can also be reserved in the 1848 Lounge on standard Saturdays at a cost of $15 per seat when pre-booked and $20 per seat on the day. Additional hospitality packages are also available on key carnival dates.

The Member Area has a number of non-reserved tables that are available on a first-in basis. We do kindly ask Members to be courteous and only use one table at a time, offer unused seats to others and refrain from shifting furniture around.

Belmont Park Racecourse:

Tables can be reserved in the Member Area at Belmont Park Racecourse for $100 per table. Find out more here.

Can I bring my children to the Member Area?

Children are welcome at our venues. We offer free general admission to children aged 17 and under on all racedays at Ascot and Belmont Park Racecourse. The Member Area is free for children aged 16 years and under when accompanied by a responsible adult who is also a Member. Children aged 17 years old do require a Junior Guest Card to enter the Member Area, which can be purchased for $60 per season (1 August-31 July).

On Melbourne Cup Day at Ascot, Railway Stakes Day, Perth Cup Day and The Quokka, children aged between 7 and 16 years will also need to hold a Junior Guest Card.

Please contact our Membership team to arrange a Junior Guest Card.

How do I renew my Membership?

Our Membership season runs from 1 August through to 31 July the following year. On the 1 July, or the closest business day, we send all Members a renewal notice via email, where you can renew your Membership online. You may also renew over the phone, or by visiting us at our head office, Ascot Racecourse raceday administration office or Belmont Park Racecourse customer service desk.

What are the terms and conditions of my Membership?

Where can I review the Constitution & By Laws?